Appliance Stores This Year, Targeting 23 Major Markets

Competition The business sector in the eternal theme, who aim for accurate, early start with, who will be able to seize the initiative and win the market. This Year of the Dog a spring, several well-known domestic

Home appliance chain New action a store there. After several years on a market of “pioneer”, is currently in Liaoning Province,

States United States , Suning And other home appliance chain stores basically completed in Shenyang, Dalian, the layout of the primary market. The face of the enormous capacity of the domestic market, household appliance stores in turn the main objective of this year, has 23 points to the market.

Learned that the province will have a number of home appliance chain stores have opened. March, Gome in Anshan will open a second store, and in Fuxin, Tieling shop and other places, but also will expand its territory. The secondary market in the province this year, Suning will open six stores.

23 market consumption potential hidden In fact, the country in August last year on the United States announced its high-profile official to enter the 23 markets. States United States in the secondary market that year opened a chain of stores in Huludao. Half a year, Gome in Huludao

Sell Has accounted for 50% of local market share. “Is a small city in the province, there was once a consumer has purchased 20 million of home appliance products.” Shenyang Yin Fukuyama, director of Gome’s management center, said 23 potential discounted consumer market.

Suning in 2004 and 2005 respectively, Fushun, Yingkou opened two stores. According to the 2004, 2005, the report shows that in these two stores in the secondary market, flat-panel TV growth rate over the same period in Shenyang, Dalian almost. While the secondary market base is small, but consumers in these areas large

Liquid crystal Has exceeded the number of Shenyang and Dalian.

In most people’s view, the small city’s consumption level is much lower than in big cities. But in the eyes of business, this concept not only inaccurate, sometimes they are just the opposite. Such as Shenyang, a city, although a large population, the market has brought together many high-end products, but the real ability to consume high-end products were only part of them. In Anshan, Panjin and some economically developed secondary cities,

Package Such as the Haicheng including county-level cities, people’s consumption level is not low for some high-end goods have a strong purchasing power.

Shenyang Qi Chen, general manager of Suning Appliance market capacity from the perspective of the country confirms the great potential of secondary and tertiary markets, “high-capacity from the view of the domestic market, a market capacity of the city does not represent a large share. National the urban population of only 400 million, while another 800 million in non-urban population are distributed in 23 markets and even 4. So this very large market space. “

Than Brand Services market to more than 23 intensive farming

Despite their many years of experience operating in a market, but the home appliance chain stores operating in 23 markets is not difficult than in a small market. This requires that the home appliance chain stores in 23 markets, even to intensive cultivation.

First be refined to provide the supply, market demand for different cities to provide different product supply. Meanwhile, all regions should be refined. Area in Liaoning Province of view, Gome and Suning are in accordance with their own

Planning The establishment of several regional, markets a broad corresponding refinement.

Secondly, management also must highlight the professionalism, the United States for this state in the country set up a management center in the secondary market. The management center of various departments in collaboration with the play the role of a bridge and a link to strengthen the management of the secondary market.

From the current situation in view, home appliance operators will be focused on competing brands and services.