Dog Allergies Treatment And Causes

Any dog owner has probably heard about dog allergies. The truth is, there are a lot of dog allergens in the environment and they can affect canines through the air, water, food, or environment. Because canines are very adventurous animals, it is almost impossible for them to keep away from possible allergens, and every dog owner has to face the problem of finding the best cure for their dogs’ allergies.

Dog allergies come in many forms. There are allergies which can be triggered by the simple skin contact of a dog to an allergen, by ingestion, and even by inhalation. A lot of everyday objects found in the environment can cause allergies to dogs, and dog owners need to be careful about exposing their pets to these possible allergens.

Allergies caused by simple contact on the skin are called contact allergies. These may be caused by grass, plants, and toxic chemicals. Food allergies are acquired from the ingestion of allergens like soy, wheat, yeast, beef, and other foods not meant for canine consumption. Inhalant allergies can be developed from airborne substances like smoke, pollution, and even air fresheners.

One form of contact allergy that has been classified as a form of allergy itself is flea allergy. This is the most prevalent form of allergy in dogs, thus the major classification. Fleas are tiny parasitic creatures that suck blood from bigger animals. What causes the allergic reaction is the saliva of the flea, and not the bite itself.

Whatever type of allergy a dog may acquire, when a dog is afflicted by it, the skin is always affected. Itchiness and inflammation develop on certain areas of the dog’s skin, and like any living thing, its instinct is to scratch the itchy area. After regularly gnawing, chewing, scratching, and licking on the itchy part, the tendency of the skin is to develop allergic dermatitis.

This condition is feared by many dog owners because allergic dermatitis is very hard to cure. It may even infect a dog its entire lifetime. However, there are some treatment options that veterinarians prescribe to dog owners to use on their dogs. These options include topical creams, soothing baths, ointments, sprays, oral antihistamines, and steroids.

Although they have been prescribed by veterinarians, steroids are not really effective in treating allergic dermatitis. In fact, they can even worsen the condition. When the allergies persist, it may be caused by a secondary bacterial infection. Because steroids have cortisone which can inhibit the production of lymphocytes, the natural defense system of the immune system of dogs will not be able to fight against the bacteria. Thus, steroids cannot help but only worsen the skin problem of dogs.

Allergies have no real cure. However, there are treatments that can help soothe the itching and swelling of the skin. DERMagic Natural Skin Care products are effective products that can eliminate the itchiness and inflammation of dogs’ skin. They can also fight against bacteria and help in the healing process of the infected area. Every dog owner should have the proper knowledge about the needs and sensitivities of their dogs so they may be able to prevent the development of allergies.