Dog Beds For Large Breeds

Looking for extra large dog beds? When buying a dog bed for a larger breed you might only consider the size of the bed, however there are some other important considerations.

Support is an important consideration as many of the larger breeds can suffer from elbow complaints when their elbows are constantly supporting their weight when lying down, particularly on a hard surface.

New technology like memory foam originally designed by NASA is a great solution. The memory foam will mould to your dog’s shape, but provide firm support and then spring back to its original shape when your dog leaves the bed.

The other consideration is the height of the dog bed as larger breeds will need to put significant weight on their hind legs if they have to jump up on a higher bed. For this reason it’s best to consider dog beds that have enough height that your large dog gets the support it needs but also has the ability to simply step onto to the bed rather than having to jump up.

A great option which has recently been introduced in the Australian market is the BIG Dog Bed which is made by Snooza Dog Beds. It’s so big its more like a mattress measuring 1300mm by 880mm with a height of 190mm.

Its brilliantly clever with memory foam topping the thick inner of this bed. It really needs to be felt to be believed and moulds beautifully to the contours of a dog’s body ensuring all over, even support. Its low impact, dampening effect makes it ideal for older dogs, big or heavy dogs & dogs with joint problems.

These dog beds are also convenient as the wrap around zip makes the fully washable cover so easy to get on & off and gives you the option to interchange tops between the black, water resistant, 600 denier, PU coated ripstop and the fluffy mock lambswool for extra warmth and comfort.

If your mighty mutt is in desperate need of an extra large dog bed designed for larger breeds remember these considerations when reviewing your options.