Dog Shock Collars the Truth

Are you overcome by guilt at the idea of purchasing or using dog shock collars you need? Today’s units are perfectly safe – you can even test the shock level on yourself. The shock administered is more of a tingle or a buzz rather than a shock. But, there are some states and countries that stop the use of dog shocking collars. Find out first whether they are allowed.

The term shock collar is used to describe electric devices (also called e-collars or electronic collars) that produce a static electrical pulse at varying levels of intensity and lengths to the dog, via a tiny transmitter built into a dog collar. These collars are often used as a make of positive corrections, where the static charge is applied at the moment an unwanted behavior occurs to reduce the times of unwanted performance. The units work by teaching the K9 to associate bad behaviors with punishment. They allow you to correct these behaviors without confusing your pooch, which he sometimes can when you use voiced orders. It also eliminates the possibility of scaring or alienating your k9 from you by having to constantly scold him.

dog shock collar

Almost all dog shock collar devices warn your pet before the correction is applied by sounding an alarm. Some models also include vibration or tone-only settings, which can be used as an alternative to or together with the static electrical pulse. Some collars with a vibrating warning can even be set to only warn your dog with just the vibration alone without administering the static shock.
shock devices for dogs are readily available and widely used in obedience training, pet containment, and military, police and service training. They are available in different weights, intensities, and functionalities to suit every need and breed. Large or stubborn dogs may require a stronger or longer shock. Some models also allow you to set variable intensities. Shock collars can also be integrated with Internet mapping capabilities and GPS for location and tracking and could serve as an anti-theft device to alert owners of their whereabouts.

When choosing a shock collar for your dog, look for a compact receiver that won’t weigh your dog down, and ease when replacing batteries. As with any k9 training tool, improper usage, abuse, and negligence can create undesirable results. Always follow the instructions that come with every shock collar to ensure safe, quick training. Successful operation and usage of electronic tools may require the guidance of a professional specializing in these devices. You can also learn from online videos and “step-by-step” instructions.

A well trained dog will be protected from accidents and is a pleasure to have around. So, once you’ve found out that dog shock collars are officially permitted for use in your locality, you can go ahead and buy one for your pet.