Feeling Flea-Free With Frontline Plus for Dogs

Frontline Plus for dogs is the number one choice of veterinarians when it comes to protecting your pooch from unwanted parasites. It is number one for good reason, with all it does to protect your dog and your family from these biting pests. Where there is a long list of pros there are also a few cons that you should take into cons you should take into consideration before purchasing this product.

First off, Frontline Plus for dogs comes in a variety of dosage sizes: small, medium and large with weight range so that you are certain to get the right dose for your dog. Application of the treatment is very simple. At a spot in between the shoulder blade push the hair back so that you see skin and put the entire treatment there. The good thing is that you don’t have a line going down your dog’s back but you will still have a greasy spot. Until it dries, mere minutes, some of it can be transferred from the dog to their bedding, you, your clothes, or elsewhere. It does dry fast so don’t worry too much about it and what is transferred is insignificant amounts. Just be sure to wash your hands after applying the treatment.

Frontline Plus for dogs is proven to kill fleas, ticks and chewing lice. It will kill fleas within 12 hours of the initial application. Unlike other brands though, it doesn’t repel and it doesn’t protect against mosquitoes. But it does break the flea life cycle, keeping your dog flea free for an entire month. Should your dog get fleas again once the treatment is on, they will be dead within a few hours preventing them from laying eggs and re-infesting your dog and your home. Just remember if you have fleas in your carpet it will take time for them to die off, it’s best if you treat both your home and your dog at the same time to get you house truly flea free.

Frontline Plus for dogs comes in a handy over the counter three pack. This is great because it can keep one dog flea free for an entire summer. You’d only have to purchase four packages to keep them flea free for an entire year. The downside, if you were just trying to get through the summer with two dogs you’d have to buy at least two boxes, unlike some of the competitors who offer four doses in a single box.