How To Find Good Maltipoo Breeders

First of all, the Maltipoo is a cross between a Poodle and a Maltese, and they can be first generation, second or even beyond. So be aware that if you’re looking for Maltipoo breeders that you want one that cares about their bloodlines and are not breeding their dogs too close together.

It’s best if you take the time to learn about good breeders and bad, before you begin shopping. Just like anything else in life, it does make a difference to not just your puppy, but also to the industry as a whole. Bad breeders are those that are out for the profit in breeding dogs, not only do they not care about the health of the dogs but also, don’t care about disposition either.

Look for a hobby or show breeder rather than someone who has 40 dogs and is selling pups everyday of the week. Usually, they will not only advertise online, but they’ll also have a bunch of pups heading for pet stores somewhere. Usually, when you purchase a pup from a pet store, you’re promoting puppymill breeders. So unless you know where exactly the pups at the pet store came from (which should be locally) and can talk to the breeder, you’re probably promoting puppy mill breeding.

You can usually tell the difference in the pictures of the pups you find online. First of all, while cute set up pictures are cute, they don’t tell you much about your Maltipoo puppy. You want to see the puppies in a natural setting. Perhaps running around the kitchen, playing with another dog, or even just chewing on fingers or toys. Those set up pictures are just that, set up.
Another thing to watch for with buying a pup is the way they look. You ca tell a pup has been sitting in urine or feces by the staining of the white color on them. Make sure you’re puppy is clean and has been clean. You can’t wash out the yellow, it actually has to grow out. Don’t promote a breeder that allows the puppies in their care to be urine stained.

Just remember, what you buy has a lot to do with how any industry is handled. It’s all about supply and demand. Look to a hobby or show breeder when you’re looking for a maltipoo breeder and you won’t be supporting an industry that treats our four footed friends like some sort of machine.