Personal Protection Products

What are personal protection products? In truth they are anything that is not lethal and designed to give you time to get away from a dangerous situation to seek help.

You read and hear about assaults on women all the time. What you don’t read or hear about are the millions of women who are victims of domestic violence for example.

Other non reported crimes are date rape or rapes on college campuses. It has been estimated that as little as 10% of those crimes even get reported. That is lot of crime that goes by the wayside.

Women are targets of crime by a nine to one margin over men. It is much more of an issue than many are willing to admit. Knowledge is the key. Learn about personal protection products, get some to help you defend yourself and practice using them to they become second nature.

As evidence of the effectiveness of these products every law enforcement officer in the country carries at least one of them-how’s that for an endorsement?

Here are some tools to protect yourself and your loved ones from the ravages of crime.

Personal Alarms are small portable devices that create a lot of noise. Noise is the enemy of the bad guys. Some of them have flashlights; some can double as door alarms. They are all inexpensive.

Pepper Sprays are the most popular self defense product in the world. They can temporarily blind and choke an assailant for as long as 15-30 minutes. Some are disguised as pagers and lipsticks. It is nasty stuff. It works on animals too. Special sprays are designed for bears and dogs. They work on mountain lions and coyotes too.

Stun Guns are gaining in popularity because they are so effective. Most are very small, easily concealable and most are under $ 70.00. Some are disguised as cell phones. They can disable an assailant for as much as 10 minutes.

Tasers are the top of the heap. They are the most effective and most expensive of them all. Most police officers carry tasers any more.

Get some personal protection products to keep you and your family safe from crime and criminals.