Pet Preference

With the stress laden lifestyle that most of us lead, most of us end up having no time for friends or indulging in social activities. After long hours job, if you have someone who will enthusiastically greet you on your home coming is surly your pet. Most of those who live far form home for them a pet can be a delight. For growing up kids, pets add more fun to their life. Which pet to choose? From the various options available, whichever pet you choose will definitely require your time. You may choose your pet on the bases of two things. One; time you can give your pet each day and two availability of space. Dogs and cats definitely make a good pet. You may choose to buy a pup or a kitten and see them grow before your eyes and enjoy the experience or may buy a full grown animal so that you have to care less about it. Dogs and cats typically require the most attention as compared to any other pet options available. Training dogs for toilet habits, taking them on daily walks, bathing them, clothing them well during winters is a nightmare for many. While choosing a particular breed of dog also take into consideration the availability of space. If you have a big house you can probably choose a big dog. These days facility to temporary keep dogs till the owner returns are offered by dog loving entrepreneurs. Gold fish, tortoise and thanks to ‘Paul-the octopus’; octopus as a pet is an emerging fad amongst masses. They require much less attention and space as compared to dogs and cats. Space is usually not a problem for such pets. Some species of tortoise and octopus don’t grow bigger after a certain stage hence even if you have a small home, you can enjoy the company of your new pal. Amongst birds parrot is the most popular pet preference. You may choose smaller birds if you like. Whichever bird you choose make sure you feed them on time. Keeping the cage clean is another important thing. As far as space is considered; it depends on the kind of bird you choose. Birds typically don’t demand much of your time. Though some people have weird preference of keeping lizard, snake and crocodile as a pet but we strictly don’t recommend you that. Keep these things in mind and make a new friend. Happy petting! URL : {pixabay|100|campaign}