Questions on Strength

I constantly get questions on strength, fitness, exercise, and kettlebells. Now you are probably thinking well Brandon its your job and you would be correct in that observation. However, I find myself more often than not having to dispel false or inaccurate beliefs on training, and how one should go about building strength or gaining OPTIMAL fitness. Check out the following questions and answers below to see if any of them seem familiar to you.

1. Question: All I care about is looking good and I don’t care so much about strength, so shouldn’t I just worry about training a different body-part everyday in order to build that part of my body up?

Answer: I despise this attitude! In my opinion this is the problem with a lot of people in this country today and is the result of a weak and lazy mindset. The fact is that strength is the necessary characteristic to perform any given task. Without strength you cannot lift heavier loads which allow for muscular growth. When you engage in lifting heavier weight your body releases an array of hormones that stimulate your metabolism and spur the development of lean muscle mass. So if your objective is to look leaner and fitter then this is the MOST efficient way to do so. Even if you are so-called bodybuilding, and I don’t see many true bodybuilders around, you understand exactly what I’m talking about!

2. Question: Will I compromise my strength by engaging in more cardiovascular exercise?

Answer: Well, assuming you know what you are doing within the scope and planning of your training program the answer to this is NO. The truth is that to be optimally fit and strong you must be capable of performing work over and over again. When you hit set after set and rep after rep your body is being conditioned to perform more work. The result is that this is what makes you fitter and stronger. You can include different variations of cardiovascular exercise, but I personally enjoy incorporating anaerobic activity within my training because it is more consistent with my style of training and yields a bigger result. You can also get a huge amount of conditioning within your resistance program, just like you would get with kettlebells, as long as it is structured in such a way to challenge your cardiovascular fitness!