Rollerball Pens And Your Next Great Stage Play

Playwrights spend a great deal of time thinking about what their next play should be, even as they work on a current play project.  Many playwrights have several play drafts that they have started, and then work on them in rotation as their inspiration ebbs and flows with projects, in order to stay productive no matter how they might feel or be inspired on a particular day, because they simply pick up work on a play that interests them at the moment.  One tool that many playwrights use is the computer, which helps work on rough drafts, but a lot of writers today cannot concentrate when they are sitting at the keyboard, and instead prefer to write holding a rollerball pen in their hand, and writing their next great work out in longhand on legal pads.  

The great librettists and composers John Kander and Fred Ebb, of Chicago, Cabaret and New York, New York fame, before Ebb’s death, for many years worked on their spectacular musicals in his kitchen, writing down their ideas in longhand, with the piano nearby, so that they could easily bounce ideas off each other.  You can have a similar experience when you pick up a fine rollerball pen, and join the esteemed writers who, for at least a portion of the writing project, used rollerball ink pens for the job.

People choose rollerball pens because of how the pens write.  Because the ink is water based and is very viscous, the ink on the rollerball pen tip comes out of the roller ball pen very quickly and with little effort on the writer’s part, and thus it is a popular choice for those whose thoughts come quickly, and who like to write by hand quickly.  Those who take shorthand may also find that their speeds increase when they switch to a extra-fine point roller ball pen, because there is less drag of the pen tip on the surface of the paper, and thus you can write faster than if using a ball point or a fountain pen.  The ink on a rollerball pen will smudge more easily than the inks used with ballpoints, and so you will want to be careful with your written page until the ink dries, but it dries very quickly.

Rollerball pens are available in hundreds of different styles, so feel free to experiment with rollerball pens until you find the brands and the lines that you prefer.  Rollerball ink pens come in a wide assortment of barrel colors, as well as barrel widths.  If you like to “think” in color, the color of your rollerball pens can make an impression on whether or not you pick the pen up, which is the first step in any written creation.  For this reason, you may want to keep rollerball pens around your work area in several different colors, so that you are always prepared with the one roller ball pen that you want for the task at hand.