Standard Poodle Training Tips

The gentle friendly poodles are the fast learner and they are comparatively easy to train as compared to other dog breed. They are a grace of the family and to other pets as well and also to the visitors or the stranger coming in the house. If you intend to have this dog as your pet then, be prepared for the time for grooming your dog as the part of standard poodle training.


1. Vaccination is the first step to be done when you bring your dog home for the first time. The yearly vaccination will prevent your poodle from the disease and give them immunity. You have to go to vet and consult with the veterinarian about the flea controlling products and also worm your dog every three months.

2. High grade dog food is essential for the better growth of your poodle. Meat should be the first option in the line of quality product. Crude protein should not be less than 21 percent and fat should be less than 20 percent and fiber content must be 4 or lesser percent. Feed your dog small meal twice or thrice a day as it may be helpful to prevent bloating.

3. Socialization should be trained at their early age. Poodles are intelligent dog and respond firmly to the obedience training. At the same time, exercise should be done daily. Although they don’t require high amount of workout but still a backyard for playing will work.

4. They are among the luxurious dog and you need to maintain it outlook properly. Poodle sheds very little. They should be bathed regularly and the nail should be trimmed on every two weeks. Their coat should be clipped in every six or seven weeks. And also check for the mites in their ears regularly. This also include as the part of standard poodle training.

5. You have to be aware about the major health condition like cataracts, progressive retinal atrophy, allergies, and skin problems. Dysplasia and Von Willedrand’s disease are other two main diseases that can catch up the poodle. So you must be aware about the proper vaccination and their health statistics. They are required to be taken to the vets on the regular basis.

6. Their expected life is about 12 to 15 years. You must also know that the male and female standard poodles can reach up to the heights over 15 inches. Male will weigh 25 to 70 lbs while female will weigh 45 to 60 lbs.